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the Placencia peninsula


the Placencia peninsula


Discover Placencia

Once a placid village of easy, temperate weather and the still of undisturbed tranquility, Placencia erupts with vigor—come to life in shades of blues and greens, in shared laughter and music, in amusement and joy.

let us share home with you

From the stretch of varicolored corals along the reef—gleaming under the sun from scarlet red to honey yellow—to the eternal remains of reigns long come and gone, adventure calls from every corner, and excitement is more than just an expectation, it is a promise.

Join in on a spring of culture and feeling where it overflows, along the Placencia Peninsula.

Maya beach

Experience the best of island and mainland life

Laze on the shore, where the sand glitters with gold under the warm rays of sun, and the sea is a constant—visions of rushing waves and white sea spray in the air. The beachside is an oasis of relaxation, hosting both Fyah Bar & Grill and a vast swimming pool for hours of lazing in the cool blue—delectable delights and endless leisure at your disposal.

Great People.
Amazing Tours. Placencia.

What to do while you're here

With unfettered access to the seaside, zest is of no great shortage. Kayak across the boundless blue, knock volleyballs back and forth under the gloriously golden sun, or bike down to the village and get swept up in the dynamism and vitality of a place brimming with activity—excitement as you will it. And of course, your experience is chained to neither the shore nor to us. Our broad selection of tours take you from the caves to the ruins, through the rivers and the trails, through Belize in all its limitless glory. Stop by our Adventure Desk, and let us help you find your next thrill.


If you're a fan of water sports, the lagoon is the perfect spot.


Explore the serene peninsula village. Meet the locals!


Dine to your heart's content. Discover Belizeans cuisine.

Beach Sports

Volleyball, or sun bathing, anything is a sport if you want it to be here.


Dive into adventures! There's something for everyone.